Water Conservation Ad Hoc Committee

Ad-hoc Committee
Chaired by Councilwoman Thelda Williams and Councilwoman Laura Pastor. The Ad Hoc Committee is to make recommendations concerning potential actions to continue Phoenix's legacy as a leader in water conservation, with particular focus on (1) landscaping requirements and guidelines; (2) codes and enforcement; and (3) education and outreach.
Anissa Blair
To consist of no more than twelve members. In addition to Ad Hoc Committee, members of the public may serve on subcommittees. Members may continue to be added by Mayor.


Member Name
John Balfour
Paul Bowls Jr.
Jack Davis
Laura Dent
Frank Fairbanks
Cheryl Lombard
Christa McJunkin
Laura Pastor
Charles (Buddy) Schultz
Katherine Studey
Warren Tenney
Thelda Williams