Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall: 1) Oversee and provide policy guidance to the City Auditor Department. 2) Execute a contract with one or more certified public accountants who are not employees of the city to conduct independent audits of the city's comprehensive annual financial report and the federal single audit and review the results of the independent audits. 3) Advise the council regarding the status of contracts to conduct independent audits. 4) Review and approve the City Auditor Department's annual audit plan. 5) Recommend audits of departments, offices, and programs to the Council.
Martha Espindola
The committee shall consist of nine members, as follows: 1)Three Council Members appointed by the Mayor serving two-year terms expiring July 1st; 2)Three public members engaged in the field of public or private finances and audits appointed by the Mayor serving a two-year term expiring July 1st; 3)The City Manager; 4) The Finance Director; and 5) The Budget and Research Director.


Member Name
Jeff Barton
Kathleen Gitkin
Kesha Hodge Washington
Karlene Keogh Parks
Lucas Lang
Ann O'Brien
Christian Osmeña
Jim Waring
Amber Williamson