Health Care Benefits Trust Board

The Health Care Benefits Trust Board administers the Health Care Benefits Trust Fund for the purpose of providing for direct payment to health care vendors who provide health care services to benefit-eligible participating City employees, elected officials, retirees, eligible dependents, and other persons eligible as determined by the City. The Trust Board provides financial oversight for the Health Care Benefits Trust, including administering, staffing, managing and funding the Health Care Benefits Plans, as required by state statute for the self-funded employer health plans. The five-member Board is comprised of one City employee recommended by the City of Phoenix Coalition of Unions (COPCU) and four citizen members with finance, investment, health care, or benefits experience.
Tristin E Sullivan-Leppa
The Board shall meet at least four times per year, or more frequently as the Chairperson of the Board deems necessary, or upon request of the City Manager.


Member Name
William Buividas
Patrick Klein
Bryan Lundberg
Jared Smout