Fast-Track Cities Ad Hoc

Ad-hoc Committee
The mission of the Fast Track ad hoc is to strengthen HIV programs and leverage resources in order to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. The ad hoc is working to strengthen and leverage existing HIV related programs and resources, in order to achieve "90-90-90-0" goal by 2020.
Sergio Gomez
Quarterly, dates vary.
Board members appointed by Mayor and Council to represent a diversity of backgrounds.


Member Name
Teresa Aseret-Manygoats
Kirk Baxter
Jimmy Borders
Chavon Boston
Jonathan Brier
Jamal Brooks-Hawkins
Kim Covington
Jose Echeverria Vega
Tony Felice
Kenja Hassan
Angela Hughey
David Martinez III
Janice Piatt
Debbie Rubenstrunk
John Sapero
Glen Spencer
Kado Stewart
Peter Taylor
Keith Thompson
Thanes Vanig
Guillermo Velez
Calicia White
Wendy Wolfersteig