Water/Wastewater Rate Advisory Committee

The Water/Wastewater Rate Advisory Committee shall act as an advisory body to the City Manager and City Council on water rate and fee structure. The committee is charged with annually reviewing the Department's Capital Improvement Program, revenue requirements and the Operations and Maintenance budget as they impact future water and wastewater rates. The committee willl also recommend water/wastewater rate and fee adjustments through the City Manager to the City Council.
Tammy Frazee
The committee meets at 200 W. Washington four times per year.
The Committee shall consist of nine members who are Phoenix water users nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council to serve for a period of three years without compensation.The Mayor shall designate the Committee chairperson and vice-chairperson annually by the second Monday of July.


Member Name
Henrietta Andersson
Jay Cantor
Margaret Garcia
Karen Loschiavo
Joe Murphy
Martin Shultz
Dave White
Joseph Widoff
Damon Williams