Sister Cities Commission

The duties of the Sister Cities Commission shall be: 1) To promote public knowledge of and active participation in the Sister City Program of the City of Phoenix. 2) To promote an awareness of the cultures of our Sister Cities and the value of cultural diversity to our City. 3) To encourage contacts between schools, business professional societies, clubs, and new media in our City with similar institutions in our Sister Cities. 4) To encourage local celebration of the national or regional festivals of our Sister Cities. 5) To stimulate trade and commerce between Phoenix and our Sister Cities. 6) To advise the City Council in all matters relating to the Sister City programs of the City of Phoenix.
Rita Marko
Please check the calendar on our website for all meeting dates and times.
The Commission shall consist of no less than thirteen and no more than twenty-five members to be appointed by the Mayor and City Council to serve for three-year terms.


Member Name
Sandy Casement
Sally Chen
Misty Cisneros-Contreras
Christopher Curtin
Oscar De las salas
Jennifer Doan-Richardson
Sam Gatton
Emilio Gaynor
Adam Hawkins
Jacob Heinrich
Drew Hutchinson
Ana Lilia Juarez
Lin Ling Lee
Louie Lujan
Ralph Marchetta
Bruce Meyerson
Francesca Miller
Karla Moran
Jessica Moran
Karl Obergh
Amilyn Pierce
Eric Reese
Chiko Swiney
Marty Weems
Melissa Werner