Phoenix Arts and Culture Commission

The Commission shall act as an advisory body to the City Manager and the City Council and make recommendations regarding but not limited to: 1) Polices, priorities and plans for the development and improvement of arts and cultural activities in Phoenix, and, in conjunction with other appropriate agencies, in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. 2) Coordinating with the private sector and other governmental agencies in promoting arts and cultural excellence as a tool for the encouragement of economic development, business relocation and tourism. 3) Organizing and promoting activities which celebrate the City and its unique cultural heritage. 4) Allocation and budgeting of funds for arts and cultural funding. 5) Policy for the percent of art program. 6) An annual public art project plan. 7) Payments for the design, execution and placement of art projects, within the appropriations in connection with specific capital improvement program projects. 8) Encouraging the use of Arizona artists in City art projects by setting annual goals to be identified in the annual public art project plan and approved by City Council. 9) Guidelines for accepting, selecting purchasing, commissioning, placing, preserving, and deaccessioning non-percent for art projects and other City art acquisitions, gifts, or extended loans of art. 10) Accepting, receiving, planning and deaccessioning specific works of art on behalf of the City. The Commission shall also advocate for arts education, cultural diversity, and other initiatives that further the growth and sustainability of the arts and cultural community in Phoenix and the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. In addition, the Commission shall have such other powers and duties as may be appropriate in carrying out the purposes and goals of the City Code and as set forth in reports or recommendations adopted by the City Council.
Mary Muesegades
Once per month on the third Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. in the Phoenix City Hall, Conference Room.
The Commission shall consist of not less than eighteen (18) members appointed by the City Council for three-year terms. The appointments shall be for terms of up to three years with all terms terminating on September 30. Members of the Commission should be persons who are concerned about arts and cultural issues in the City of Phoenix and may be persons who have professional expertise or substantial volunteer involvement in the following areas: 1) Visual, performing or literary arts; 2) Architecture, design or urban planning; 3) Education; 4) History; 5) Science; and 6) Arts and cultural institution management.


Member Name
Robert Booker
Sarah Epperson
Jeffrey Ferns
Hillary Foose
Rachel Frazier Johnson
Lin Ling Lee
Ismael Morales
Patrick Murphy
Joe Netherwood
Regina Nixon
Robert Nolan
Michael Oleskow
Nancy Rink
Mario Romero
Jack Schwimmer
Jennifer Springman
Fred Ullrich
Crys Waddell
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