Neighborhood Block Watch Fund Oversight Committee

The Neighborhood Block Watch Fund Oversight Committee is established to solicit, evaluate, and recommend to the City Council appropriate proposals to expend funds for the expansion of block watch programs, within the constraints imposed by the Neighborhood Protection Ordinance, adopted at the special election of October 5, 1993.
Michael Noyd
This commission meets on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 p.m. at the City of Phoenix Training Center (NW Corner of 3rd Ave. and Adams St.)
The Neighborhood Block Watch Fund Oversight Committee shall consist of twenty members. Members of the Committee shall include the Director of the Police Department or his designee and the President of the Phoenix Block Watch Advisory Board or the President's designee. Each member of the City Council shall appoint two citizens who are residents of the City as members of the Committee. All members shall serve without compensation. The Mayor shall annually appoint one of the Committee members to serve as chairperson for a term of one year. Members of the Committee shall elect one of their members as vice-chairperson, and may elect such additional officers from their membership as they deem necessary to manage the functions of the Committee. The term of the vice-chairperson and the terms of any additional officers shall be for one year, and shall expire contemporaneously with the expiration of the term of the chairperson.


Member Name
Carmen Arias
Stan Bates
Steve Burns
Dan Carroll
Andrei Cherny
Jerry Eisen
Gabriela Garza
Isabel Gutierrez
Ann Justus
Paula Martinez
Mary Obrochta
Terry Perez
Roxanne Smith
Lois Stansbury
Jeffrey Tisot