Human Services Commission

This Commission shall: 1) Work toward the prevention and elimination of delinquency and housing deterioration. 2) Work toward improving economic opportunities and reducing economic dependency. 3) Encourage cooperation with educational institutions and the establishment of educational programs. 4) Strive toward the prevention of crime. 5) Assist in creating social services needed in the community. 6) Participate in the Federal, state, and local social services and anti-poverty programs as one of the tools available to accomplish these goals.
Vanessa Ramirez
This Commission shall meet on the third Thursday every other month and May.
This Commission shall consist of 27 members to be formally appointed by the Mayor subject to approval by the Council after having been selected as provided for in the bylaws. Composition of the Commission shall be as follows: CATEGORY I: One-third of the members of the Commission (9 seats) shall consist of elected public officials or their representatives. CATEGORY II: At least one-third of the members (9 seats) shall be chosen in accordance with democratic selection procedures adequate to assure that they are representatives of the poor in the area served. These procedures shall be detailed in the Human Services Commission policy. CATEGORY III: The remaining one-third members of the Commission (9 seats) shall be officials or members of public agencies, business, industry, labor, religion, welfare, education, or other private groups and interests in the community. Each member of the Commission selected to represent a specific geographic area within a community must reside in the area he/she represents. No person selected to serve in Category II or III as a member of the Commission shall serve in either Category II or III (or any combination thereof) for more than six (6) consecutive years, or more than a total of ten (10) years with an interval of at least one year absence.


Member Name
Laura Bulluck
Betsy Buxer
Sheriolyn Curry
Itoro Elijah
Luis Enriquez
Petra Falcon
Alejandro Flores
Elisha Franklin
Audrey Jenkins
Nickie Kelley
Brent Kleinman
Gail Knight
Roberta Mack
Cecilia Maes
Tamala McBath
Guy Mikkelsen
Andrew Nelson