Fire Safety Advisory Board

The Fire Safety Advisory Board shall hear appeals to decisions of the Fire Marshal and submit findings to the city council. The board may submit to the Fire Marshal recommendations on matters pertaining to the Fire Code or ordinance provisions and amendments. The duties and powers of the board shall be in an advisory capacity only. The Board shall consist of members who are qualified by experience and training to pass on matters pertaining to hazards of fire, explosions, hazardous conditions or fire protection systems and are not employees of the jurisdiction.
Michele Banks
Once every month on the second Thursday at 10:00 a.m. in the Fire Department Operations Center, 150 South 12th Street, Fire Administration Conference Room.
This Board shall consist of not more than thirteen (13) members, a majority of whom are residents of the City of Phoenix and citizens of the United States. This Board shall be composed and consisting of persons representing the following industries, trades and professions: Fire Protection Systems Contractor; Architect; Realtor; Developer; petroleum industry; liquefied petroleum gas industry; property insurance; fire protection engineering; owner/manager of a business that would not qualify for membership in another industry; health care industry; Special Events coordinator; construction contractor; and resident of the City of Phoenix. The board shall be appointed by the governing body and shall hold office at its pleasure. The members and alternates of the board shall be appointed by the City Council for a term of four (4) years. Continued absence of any member from three consecutive regular meetings of the board shall render any such member liable for immediate removal from office. Removal shall be at the discretion of the City Council.


Member Name
Brian Cassidy
Jessica Hill
Bryan Jeffries
Michael Jorgensen
Steven Kohne
Joe McElvaney
Jeff Moloznik
Derrick Morales
Jim Piotrowski
Joy Seitz
Michael Wilson
Michael Wojcik
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