Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board

This Board serves as a mechanism for evaluating projects to be funded for the hospitality industry's share of surplus Arena Tax Funds. The Board shall be responsible for evaluating projects to enhance the tourism and hospitality industry in Phoenix, subject to fiscal constraints and criteria imposed by the City and recommending those projects to the City Council.
Jeanne Delaney
This Board shall be comprised of fourteen (14) members appointed by the City Council, twelve of whom shall be voting members. Composition of the voting members shall be as follows: 8 members representing hoteliers, representing a hotel property in each Council district, 2 members at-large from a non-hotel sector of the hospitality industry, 2 members as City representatives, 1 member of the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau. The two non-voting members shall consist of a representative of the City and a representative of the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau.


Member Name
Vijay Ahir
Paul Gray
Jerry Harper
Robert Hayward
Heather Lennon
Ron Lindblad
Matt Lockwood
Jeff Moloznik
Ron Price
Tracy Stoltz