Citizens Transportation Commission

The Citizens Transportation Commission was established to advance transparency, public input and government accountability for all public transit and street improvements that are funded in whole or in part, by proposition 104 revenue (Transportation 2050), which was approved by a majority of the voters on August 25, 2015. The commission shall: A. adopt by-laws that will: (1) govern the day-to-day operations of the Commission; and (2) establish such other offices as the Commission deems appropriate; B. Establish committees and subcommittees as necessary to carry out the Commission's purpose; C. Review appropriations and make recommendations to the City Council regarding public transit and street transportation department projects that are funded by Transportation 2050 revenue; D. Receive public input and review all transit and street projects that are funded by Transportation 2050; E. Annually review revenue and expenditure of Transportation 2050 Funds; and F. Formulate and present recommendations to the City Council on matters related to revenue, expenditures, projections, performance measures, programs, and major projects related to the expenditure of Transportation 2050 Funds.
Kelly Murray
The membership will consist of fifteen unpaid appointed members. The commission members will be approved by the City Council and will be appointed as follows: (A) one member by each council district (B) The following members will be appointed by the Mayor as follows: (1) one from the disability community (2) one transit user (3) one from the business community (4) one from the education community (5) one with a professional transportation background; and (6) two City of Phoenix residents at-large. No more than two members may be residents outside the City of Phoenix corporate boundaries but must be residents within Maricopa County. No member of the Commission may serve more than two full three-year terms unless: A) the member is initially appointed to fill the remained of an unexpired term created by a vacancy or B) the member served an initial two year term when the Commission was first established.


Member Name
David Adame
Susan Glawe
Gail Knight
Jose Gabriel Loyola
David Martin
Jennifer Mellor
Roy Miller
David Moody
Rick Naimark
Alex Navidad
Phil Pangrazio
Ed Pastor
Dave Siebert
William T. Smith
Quinn Tempest